Volunteer Opportunities

Ready to help, but not sure what the different jobs are? Below are descriptions of some of our volunteer roles. Have a special talent that you would like to lend to the band? We would love to hear from you!

Immediate Need

The Band Banquet committee could use your help in planning, decorating and working on the night of the Band Banquet on Friday, May 10, 2019. If you are interested in helping, please email the Westwood Reps.


Sales of food and drinks during HOME football games is one of the biggest fundraiser for WABB. In order to staff three concession stands (two on the Home side and one on the Visitor’s side) we need volunteers for each HOME game. Volunteers arrive at the stadium at 6:00 pm and work until the middle of the 3rd quarter. Volunteers do not need to purchase a ticket to the game for which they volunteer. WABB respectfully requests that each family volunteer one person to work a concession shift for at least two HOME football games.


Other organizations have two-dimensional signs for the front of their student’s homes; not the Westwood Band! In the fall, we make three-dimensional “blockheads” out of landscape timber and 2 × 4s. Help is needed sanding, sawing, painting, and decorating these for incoming freshmen and new students. Blockheads are usually prepared and decorated at the Blockhead Coordinator’s home. There is no minimum time to volunteer, but the more time you can help, the faster the Blockheads will be finished. Join in on this Westwood Warrior Band tradition.


Section Parents communicate with the parents in your child’s instrument section. Often a Section Parent helps coordinate snacks for your child’s section after rehearsals during marching season. The Section Parent is the communicator between the WABB board and the parents. The busiest time for Section Parents is during the football season. Many sections have two parents who work together to divide and conquer.

We need people to volunteer during the following times:

During Summer Band Camp, parent volunteers help fit the students for their marching uniforms. No sewing is required.  There is no minimum or maximum time frame for this activity.  Fittings generally take place in the afternoons of the first week of band camp.  An email is sent to volunteers with the times and volunteers respond if they are able to help.

During marching season, parents assist band students in checking out and in band uniforms before and after football games and marching competitions. An electronic sign-up sheet is set up (eg., SignUp Genius) for these time spots - they are generally 45 minutes to 1 hour before and after games/competitions. We need two or three volunteers before games and three to five volunteers after games.

Towards the end of marching season, concert uniforms (tuxedos or long dresses) are issued to each band student. Parents help fit he uniforms.  As with the marching uniform fittings, there is no minimum or maximum time frame for this activity.  Fittings take place during the school day.  An email is sent to volunteers with the times and volunteers respond if they are able to help. The uniform parent volunteers have a great opportunity to meet many of the band students.


The best way to show your support of your band student at games is to wear a photo button! During Summer Band Camp, we need one to two parents to take digital photos of the band students in their uniforms and to assemble the photo buttons. This means that the Photo Button coordinator needs to be free for two or three afternoons (a couple of hours each) to take pictures. After the pictures are taken and printed, the buttons are assembled. Ideally, the buttons are available for pick up at Exhibition Night which is held at the end of August.

At registration, students order meals for football game days. This is a WHOLE lot easier on parents than having to schlep over to the school with a meal before call time. Volunteers for Game Day Meals assemble and serve these meals on games days during football season. Generally, Volunteers need to be up at the school around 3:30 and will be done before call time (generally 5:00). Also, help is needed on Tuesday mornings (30 minutes or so before school starts) to collect money for those students who have not purchased the entire Game Day Meal package and want to purchase that week’s meal.


Parents are needed to ride the bus with the band students to and from football games and marching competitions. If you have first aid training/certification, please consider volunteering to chaperone. Volunteers need to be at the school between 4:30 and 5:00 PM on football game days and return to the school with the students after the game (around 11:00 PM). Bus chaperones also help move the drum major platforms and pit instruments (marimbas, etc.) out on the field. For competitions, the length of time chaperoning varies depending upon the location of the event and whether the event has preliminaries and finals.


Handmade holiday ornaments are made for each student and distributed during the Winter Concert in December. Volunteers are needed to design and make these ornaments.


Parents are needed to pass out programs and control traffic at the entrances to the auditorium during Performing Arts Center (PAC) events. Volunteers also assist directors with students entering/exiting the stage and monitor students while they are seated in the hall. Volunteers are scheduled so that they do NOT miss their child’s performance. The whole evening takes about three hours, but you will not be ushering the whole time.

Each spring, the Westwood Band celebrates another successful year with a banquet planned collaboratively with the band student leadership and WABB. Help is needed with decorations, coordinating catering, etc. The amount of time volunteers spend depends upon the theme selected. There is no minimum time. The most time is spent on the day of the banquet when volunteers descend upon the cafeteria and transform it for the event.

The seniors wear a boutonniere during their final concert. Help is needed to make the boutonnieres before that final concert.

WABB sells show shirts, band shirts, hats, duffle bags, and various other items. The Band Spirit Wear Coordinator orders the items and help is needed to distribute them. Volunteers come to the band hall  on distribution day, around 3:30 PM, to bundle up the orders and distribute them to the students after marching practice. This generally occurs around the first week of school.

When the band travels during the fall and spring, equipment, props and instruments must travel too. If you have experience and/or are comfortable driving a large (automatic transmission) box cargo truck, please consider being on the list for driving the percussion and equipment/instrument trucks.


We need people to help produce and assemble the sets for the fall marching show.  If you can use a saw, hammer, nails, paint brushes, etc., then this volunteer opportunity is for you! This task takes places in August and September. Volunteers are needed on Saturdays to put together the sets. There is no minimum time for this activity.


Do you have sewing machine?  Can you hem in a straight line? Then this volunteer opportunity is for you! We need people to help sew flags for the Color Guard (and perhaps the Pipeline) for the Marching Show. This activity occurs in September. There is no minimum time. Depending upon your availability, you may sew one or more flags for Color Guard.

We also need help crafting our annual marching show spirit flags. These are typically felt flags with items either stitched onto or glued onto the flags that represent the marching show theme. These are handed out to parents to wave in the audience during Westwood Warrior Band marching shows to show off our spirit and let our Warriors know how proud we are of them and their hard work.

In the Spring, WABB sells mulch to any and all of our friends, neighbors, acquaintances, etc.  We need people who can help deliver the mulch to everyone who has purchased it.  We especially need strong backs and people with pick-up trucks. Mulch is delivered on one Saturday (which makes for a very long day). A minimum of 4 hours is suggested.