There are two primary uniforms that Westwood band performers wear, marching uniforms and concert uniforms. Below are descriptions for each.

Marching Uniforms

All students are fitted and issued marching uniforms during Summer Band Camp. The marching uniform stays at school. Students change into the marching uniform before football games, competitions, and other activities (e.g., Festival of the Bands). On a typical Friday, students will get out of class and change into their compression shorts and show shirt and then eat dinner. After dinner, students will locate their uniform on the correct rack (typically racks are in the orchestra room) and change into their uniform. After the game, students return to the band hall and hang up their marching uniforms. The uniform must be hung up properly before the student will be allowed to leave the band hall. In fall 2019, we were excited to reveal our new uniforms!


Concert Uniforms

All students are issued concert uniforms (to keep at home) in November which comprise of the following:

Gentlemen - We will issue a tuxedo jacket and bow tie to the men. Men are responsible for providing:

  • Black dress pants, pleated or flat front (your preference). We have a few available if needed, email uniforms@westwoodband.org.
  • Tuxedo shirt must be pintucked/pleated, but you can choose the type of collar (full or just the little wings) and color of buttons (black or white). Inexpensive options can be found at Al's Formal Wear, Hobby Lobby, amazon.com and via online search.
  • Black dress shoes or your marching shoes (if in good condition) and tall black socks (like we use during marching season)

Ladies - We will issue black concert dresses to the ladies. Ladies are responsible for providing their own black dress shoes and black dress socks. Concert dresses may be washed at home on the gentle cycle in cold water (use normal detergent) and hang to dry or use the “no heat” setting on dryer.

Students are responsible for wearing the uniform to each concert and UIL competition. Students return the uniforms after the last concert (except for those who are playing at graduation).